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August Good place to travel - Hangzhou

August Good place to travel - Hangzhou
Hangzhou, once because of the phrase "there is heaven, there are Suzhou and Hangzhou", has become the embodiment of the impression of heaven in the people, but also because of "Liang Zhu", "White Snake" and put on a romantic veil.
That's all a few hundred years ago. Fortunately, the Xibin Lake's one-story clear water, Longjing Lingyin's tea garden Maolin and Hangzhou's introverted personality make Hangzhou still maintain a good demeanor. If you compare Hangzhou to a person, it must be a young lady with bright eyes, reading some poetry, soft whispers, always smiling and occasionally crying, and waiting for the words.

She has a unique but unobtrusive beauty, with a strong makeup and a smattering of the West Lake, the quiet Jiuxi 18th arrogance, the Xixi Wetland in the middle of noisy, and the Xixi Yinshe, which exists in the wild clouds and cranes, so that almost every one has come. Everyone praises it; when she has a small temper, the rainy days that do not clear for 40 days, the hot and difficult sauna summer, and the cold and cold winter make people who live here can’t help but produce The idea of escaping.
Once you leave, you will miss again. It’s like a little Nizi who can lead people without a trace!
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