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Good place to travel in August - Qinghai Lake

There are many local foods in Qinghai. The locals also like to catch beef and mutton and the northwest stuffed skin. The locals also like to match the pure Qinghai yak yoghurt. You can't miss these unique food experiences here.

Most of today's itineraries are mountain roads. There are some vendors selling yoghurt and eggs on the road. There are some private hotels when passing through the township. There are also restaurants in Qinghai Lake Scenic Area. The two food and beverage levels are similar. You can eat according to the actual situation.

In the morning, watch the sunrise in the Heima River, then drive over the rubber mountain to the Chaka Salt Lake. The best viewing time for the Chaka Salt Lake, known as the mirror of the sky, is at noon, and the reflected light is strong. Be sure to wear sunglasses and pay attention to sun protection. There are some small black holes in the lake that must not be stepped on, otherwise they will fall together with the shoelace feet.

In the afternoon, head to Lake Kruk, where you can travel to the foot of Delinghae. Lake Kruk is a freshwater lake with a very good ecological environment and not overexploited. There is an alien site on the lake to visit. Go to Dachaidan accommodation.

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