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How to buy Christmas table cloth flag?

The following are the specific steps for choosing a Christmas tablecloth (for reference only) :

1. Look: see if there is obvious color difference on the surface, whether the flower case is clear enough and the color is uniform.

Christmas tablecloth.jpg

2. Touch: after you have seen it, you can touch it with your hand and feel its texture is good, and the thickness is uniform.

3. Smell: this point actually is very important, if have obvious peculiar smell, very likely is formaldehyde, chloroethylene and so on some volatilibility.

High levels of material.

4. Wipe: can carefully cut a small sample, use wet cloth to wipe the paper surface continuously, see whether there is the obvious phenomenon of decolorization.

This is hebei jingsen textile import and export company to pick up a few methods and tips for you to choose the Christmas table cloth flag. I hope it can help you.

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