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How to clean table linens and linen napkins

If you have table linens and linen napkins, and they will be used in your daily life, rather than just for special occasions, regular cleaning is a must. Although this is not a difficult housework, there are some special points of care when cleaning table linens and linen napkins so that it does not harm the fabric.

Linen fabric cleaning method:

Inject warm water into the sink or washtub, check the detergent or detergent usage guidelines, and add the appropriate amount of lotion to the water according to the guidelines. If your tablecloth or linen napkins are pure white, add a few drops of bleach to the water and stir by hand to dissolve it in water.
table linens
Put the table linens into the pots, put the colors together, wash the white ones separately, and pay attention not to wash too much at a time. Gently rub and squeeze with both hands until the fabric is thoroughly clean.

Take the table linens out, pour off the water, and wash the basin repeatedly until there is no residue in the lotion. Inject water into the basin again and put the table linens in. Wash the remaining lotion on the table linens. If it is not cleaned once, wash it several times until there is no residue of the lotion.

Hang the linen home textile on the clothes rail or spread it on the drying rack, or dry it under the low-temperature setting. Do not force the linen home textile before drying.
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