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How to develop the Chinese textile industry under the Belt and Road Initiative

The textile industry is the traditional pillar industry of China's national economy, and it is also an important civilian production industry and an industry with obvious international competitive advantages. However, in recent years, China's textile industry has taken the lead in entering a new normal of development. In China, overcapacity, unreasonable industrial structure, rising production costs, tight resource and environment, and weak core competitiveness have become the bottlenecks restricting industrial development. In the international arena, the development of textile industry faces “re-industrialization” and development in developed countries. The state has accelerated the "double squeeze" of the industrialization process, and the tasks of structural adjustment and industrial upgrading are urgent.
In this context, “going out” is global, targeting global markets and integrating global resources, making it the only way for the sustainable development of the textile industry.
Core resources of the ancient road
The "One Belt, One Road" initiative has its deep roots stemming from the long-standing trade links and historical complexes between China and the countries of Asia and Europe.

More than 2,100 years ago, Zhang Wei, the ancient Chinese Han dynasty messenger, made the Western Region, opening up a land-based silk road that traverses east and west, connecting Asia and Europe. In the Qin and Han dynasties more than 2,000 years ago, China’s maritime silk road connecting Southeast Asia to Asia and Europe was also Gradually rise. The two Silk Roads, on land and at sea, constitute a major channel for trade and cultural exchanges between ancient China and Asian and European countries. The silk-based textile trade has become the bloodline of these two passages for thousands of years. It has a long history and witnessed the historical glory that China once had. .

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