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How to distinguish good linen tablecloth from bad (1)

How to distinguish good linen tablecloth from bad (1)

I also know that flax is good, but I don't know the history of flax for such a long time, but for the distinction of flax, here are some tips that I hope will help.

1. Touching method.High-quality pure linen (linen tablecloth) fabric is made of hemp, we can use our hands to hold the fabric tightly and release it. If the fabric is wrinkled and feels cold, it is real linen tablecloth fabric.

2. Magnifying glass observation.Tear off a bit of thread from the fabric you want to identify, place it in the light and observe it with a magnifying glass more than 10 times larger.

linen tablecloth

3. Combustion method.You can take a little bit of fabric and light it with fire.In the process of burning, if there is a smell like burning paper, and after burning, the gray of the fabric is gray and white, it is true.If the fabric is burning with black smoke and smells bad, it's a fake.

Okay, so that's it. We'll continue in the next video

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