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How to distinguish linen tablecloths from good or bad (2)

How to distinguish linen tablecloths from good or bad (2)
Go back and continue to talk about how to distinguish linen tablecloths.
I also know that linen ( linen tablecloths) is very good, but I don't know it for such a long history, but for the resolution of linen, let's share some small ideas and hope to help.

4, washing method. Wash the fabric in water, then hang it up to dry. After drying, the fabric does not shrink to the water, and if it is still very soft to touch, it is really flax.

linen tablecloths

5. Test method for caustic soda water. You can take a bit of caustic soda (sodium hydroxide) water and pour it on the fabric. If the fabric has brownish yellow where the caustic soda is poured, the fabric is really flax.
6, water immersion method. Take a water basin, put a plate of water(linen tablecloths ), then put the fabric into it for a few seconds and then take it out. If the fabric absorbs water evenly and does not change color, it is really made of flax.
I know so much, and I am ugly! I hope to help you.
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