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How to iron burlap table cloth

How to iron burlap table cloth
Let's face it, preparing dinner is a great job, but it takes a lot of time and effort to prepare. One of the most terrible and painful things is to pre-heat the tablecloths and a large number of napkins needed for the dinner. If you feel very painful while ironing them, maybe your ironing method is wrong. The linen fabric dreamer tells you that if done properly, the work can be done perfectly without too much effort—a neat line, straight and straight, which is what the tablecloth should look like.

Ironing linen table tips 1

burlap table cloth

The first point when ironing the burlap table cloth is to prepare the place for ironing. If you are ironing on the table, first lay a layer of flat and sturdy cloth on the table. For example, you can first lay a piece of cotton on the table, then put a towel on it, and you can also put a few clean sheets on the floor around the table, so that if the tablecloth falls down, it will not be dirty. Second, prepare your tablecloth. Make sure it is a little tidal, but not too moist, otherwise it is not suitable for ironing. If you want your tablecloth to look neat and retro, you can apply some starch on it before ironing. After ironing, fold it up and hang it on the hanger.

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