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How to match tablecloth and Table flag (1)

From the perspective of practicality, it can be said that tablecloth is more practical than Table flag, because tablecloth itself should cover the entire desktop to prevent stains on the desktop, so the tablecloth itself is very dirty, just daily cleaning Yes, and the Table flag's aesthetics and even the aesthetic value is higher than the practical value, and the Table flag does not fully cover the desktop.

How should the tablecloth and Table flag be matched?
Let's talk about it.

How to match tablecloth and Table flag

(1) Brilliant color collision table is more colorful
If the color of the tablecloth is colorful, it is suitable to match the table with similar colors.
tablecloth and Table flag.jpg
(2) light color tablecloth with gorgeous Table flag

The warm-colored tablecloth is light in color and can be used with a blue table with a higher concentration. The contrast between the warmth and the warmth of the table itself is a visual focus.

(3) Suya table to calm color chaos

The mix of various colors and patterns on the tablecloth makes people feel dizzy. At this time, if you match the bright table, you will not be able to distinguish the level. The table with the elegant pattern will look a lot calmer.

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