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How to match tablecloth and Table flag (2)

How to match tablecloth and Table flag? It is difficult to compare the tablecloth and the table flag in terms of aesthetics. Generally, the tablecloth and the table flag are placed on the table or on the coffee table. In order to prevent the surface of the table from splashing oil, the protection is effective. It is appropriate to add decorative effects to the ordinary single desktop. The two are very good in terms of decorative effect. Because of the different materials, the decorative effects are different, but they can all be used for the places you need to decorate. Very good decorative effect.

Next, I will continue to talk about how to match tablecloth and Table flag.

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(4) Large pattern tablecloth with monochrome plaid

tablecloth and Table flag.jpg

The pattern of large flowers and branches and leaves is contrasted by the contrast of color and background, which is more comfortable than the blunt color. The too elegant tablecloth looks a bit monotonous, and it will be a lot better with a light green table. The plaid on the table is hand-stitched and has a collage effect.

(5) Monochrome tablecloth with a table to attract attention

The tablecloth is a single color, it is necessary to consider adding a color with a Table flag with a pattern, otherwise, the overall feeling will be somewhat single, the selection of the Table flag will make the table have a layered feeling.

(6) Gorgeous checkered tablecloth with heavy color table to adjust

The multi-color spliced square tablecloth is eye-catching, and the brocade fabric itself has a very good color, making it look gorgeous. If you want to be a little restrained at this time, you can choose a patterned black flannel table to neutralize.

(7) different shades of tablecloth table with the same pattern

The tablecloth has different shapes and is very visually stretchable. If you choose the same color table, it will create a messy feeling. You can choose a table with the same color but different colors to improve this confusion.

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