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In August, you will visit Moganshan and experience the ancient sword rhyme.

Moganshan is located in Deqing County in the north of Zhejiang Province. It has the reputation of four summer resorts in China. In the summer, Moganshan is the first choice for summer vacation in Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

How to play: Moganshan has many attractions, such as Tashan, Tashan is the highest peak of Mogan, with an elevation of 718.9 meters. Tianchi, Tianchi is in the foothills of Tianchi in Moganshan. The pool is about 12 square meters.

The Hua Hall is a small and exquisite two-story building with four long windows and round doors. The beams, doors and windows are painted with floral patterns. In the valley of the Moganshan Yinshan, Jianchi is known as Moxie, and the general will grind the sword.

Feel the traditional Chinese culture, experience the origins of famous cold weapons in China, and experience the verses of different cultures.

Experience the local famous food, and taste the special verses of orchid whipping bamboo shoots, steamed turtle, raw fried stone chicken, etc. on the beautiful plaid table cloth.

Will bring a different experience to your trip.

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