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Rectangle tablecloth make your home icing

Rectangle tablecloth  make your home icing
I am afraid that the atmosphere in the home is bare and empty, and we need more and more soft and warm accessories to decorate the space.

A tabletop without a rectangular tablecloth, hollow and monotonous, cold and hard, not only can not afford to appetite, but also the cup and saucer on the table, smashing, very harsh. At this time, a piece of literary and genre rectangle tablecloth placed on the table, not only can make the table full and full, but also ensure the softness while maintaining temperament, so that the space environment is completely new.

Rectangle tablecloth

Then the question comes, what kind of rectangle? Tablecloth is considered to be "literary and artistic children"? Follow the veins of the home bacteria article, you will not choose the wrong!

The rectangle tablecloth I said today is the warmth of this one for me.
Just rectangle tablecloth, it is complicated to choose this feeling, in fact, it is not ugly to share the rectangle tablecloth, because the time is too busy to send too many pictures to everyone, I will have the opportunity to contribute to you one by one.

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