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Talk about the Germans eating

Talk about the Germans eating

The Germans have a skill, the linen tablecloths that have been eaten are as clean as ever, without watermarks, no residue, and no oil stains. Moreover, the Germans like to use white tablecloths, ancestral, hand-embroidered, crocheted, cotton, and hemp.

linen tablecloths

However, I don't believe in evil. I invited a table of Germans to eat at my house and laid a white tablecloth. The main food is dumplings, fried noodles, rice, stir-fried with fish-flavored pork, braised beef and fried rape.

I showed my talents and did everything I could to do a full table. My guests also like Chinese food and regard it as a top grade. They are happy to eat authentic Chinese food that is not European in Europe. In order to show the Chinese porcelain culture, I put the blue and white sycamore tableware that my parents sent at the wedding table on the table, which naturally won praise.

white tablecloths

According to our tableware, there is a dish under the bowl, chopsticks under the chopsticks, and a napkin. At the mouth of eating, I really pay attention to see if they will drop the soup and rice, and there will be no splash when the dumplings are vinegar.

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