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The impact of trade wars on textiles

Concerned about the recent progress in the Sino-US trade war, from the current situation, textiles are not involved. With the accelerated global distribution of China's textile industry, the company has been deployed in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam in recent years. Even if the United States levies taxes on imported Chinese textiles, its impact on the company is limited.

A textile enterprise pointed out that although the United States did not include textiles in taxation, it also sounded the alarm for us. At present, there is no taxation, but the future situation is not good. This also allows us to further strengthen our determination to go out and deploy overseas.

Many companies have said that Sino-US textile trade friction has been in existence for a long time. In the most difficult time, it has not blocked the development of China's textile industry. On the contrary, it has accelerated the upgrading of China's textile industry. The important thing is to be strong, to have countermeasures, to look at the big trend, and to enhance the ability to resist risks.

Affected by the Sino-US trade war, the European and American textile markets are currently inferior to the African and European markets; the signs of the Belt and Road are relatively positive for Africa and Europe.
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