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What are the tablecloth materials?

Tablecloth material

(1) PVC tablecloth
First, introduce the most common PVC material tablecloth. PVC table cloth with a cotton substrate is currently a better quality tablecloth. Its advantages are soft, easy to fold, diverse colors, diverse patterns and easy to match. And the PVC material tablecloth is still relatively good care, and the service life is also relatively long.

(2) satin tablecloth
The texture of the satin tablecloth is very smooth, the color is good, and it has a good visual effect and touch, so it is favored by many high-end customers. In addition, the ancient satin is a luxury, something that the nobility can afford. Therefore, the tablecloth made of satin is more luxurious and solemn. The satin-made tablecloth is generally used in the style of simple European style and American style, which is high-end, atmospheric and high-grade.


(3) cotton linen tablecloth
The cotton tablecloth has super absorbent and soft, feels better and is especially comfortable. The color style is many, it can be well matched with the living room environment so that the room looks neat and beautiful. In addition, the cotton tablecloth is very soft and easy to clean.

(4) Fabric tablecloth
The cloth tablecloth is the longest and most practical one in our life. The fabric of the textile fabric is also very healthy, with good moisture absorption and skin toning. Pre-shrinking treatment, feel comfortable. The fabric is compact and mercerized. Bright, soft and bright, it is the most popular household tablecloth in life.
(5) glass material tablecloth
The glass tablecloth also has the characteristics of cold resistance, heat resistance, and easy cleaning. Although the tablecloth made of glass is cheaper, there are also some bad places, that is, the performance of cold and heat conduction is not good, and it is easy to break and hurt people. From the point of view of decorative performance, the tablecloth style and color of the solid wood dining table of glass material are not more than the tablecloth of PVC material.

(6) Chiffon tablecloth
In addition to the above tablecloth, the more common tablecloth and chiffon material, we know that chiffon has been widely used in clothing, clothes made of chiffon are deeply favored by Ms. Amy. The tablecloth made of the same chiffon is also very beautiful, can give you a feeling of ethereal, is also a popular fresh and fresh element. The tablecloths made of chiffon are mainly white, and some have delicate patterns to create a romantic and romantic feeling.
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