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Where is the road to the textile industry in the new context?

In the recent past, along with the changes in consumption patterns and the continuous upgrading of urban functional planning, in the face of changes in new economic growth models, China's textile and apparel professional market is standing at a historical turning point. Compared with the channel upgrade in the professional market in the past, the new round of transformation and upgrading is more breakthrough and innovative on the basis of continuation and inheritance. It is a new direction to establish a new position and achieve new goals. And trends.

Specialization strengthens core competitiveness

For the professional market, professional development is more reflected in management and service, because the new era of textile and apparel professional market is a professional place to provide professional products to professional buyers through professional management and professional services.

Wisdom to create new kinetic energy

Nowadays, the intelligent development of the professional market has become the driving force for promoting the transformation and upgrading of the professional market. At the same time, it also lays a solid foundation for efficiency and competitiveness for the development of high-quality innovation in the professional market. Intelligent development refers to the professional market through the application of information technology, to promote market-based venues, venues, scenes and other "three-field" informationization upgrades and information services for small and medium-sized enterprises, to achieve a new positioning of the industry chain service platform.

Branding enhances new market value

China's textile and apparel professional market and industrial clusters have inseparable natural links with thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises. These small and medium-sized enterprises are the foundation for cultivating local independent brands. Therefore, it is necessary for the textile and apparel professional market to shoulder the heavy responsibility of brand incubation, and continuously input the excellent independent brands with growth space for the industry. Brand development is not only the need of industry development, but also the demand of the professional market itself. The coordinated development of regional brands, market brands, product brands and urban brands is also the need to adapt to industrial progress, consumption upgrading, and professional development.

Green to build a new ecosystem

Saving resources and protecting the environment are the basic national policies of our country. From the perspective of the professional market of textile and garment, in recent years, China's urban structural adjustment and functional upgrading have put forward higher requirements for the textile and apparel professional market. Green development is an objective demand under the new normal, and is an inevitable choice for the sustainable development of professional markets. .

Internationalization seeks new market space

Under the global economic integration and the international textile and garment industry transfer pattern, the professional market has continuously strengthened international exchanges and cooperation through “introduction, going out”, including expanding overseas channels, building internal and foreign trade development platforms, introducing advanced foreign management concepts, brands and Talents, etc.

Intensive, specialized, intelligent, branded, green, and internationalized “six-chemical” development, interrelated and self-contained system, not only focus on solving the imbalance and insufficient and full satisfaction in the development of the professional market in the new era. The inevitable requirements of the people's good life needs, but also will become an important goal and direction to improve quality and efficiency, enhance the systematic and coordinated development of professional market transformation and upgrading.

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