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Xi'an snack ranking

Xi'an snack ranking
There are many famous snacks in Xi'an, such as mutton steamed buns, gourd head, meat and glutinous rice, cold skin, etc., soaking in the old grandson’s family or with Shengxiang’s, the gourd’s head should eat spring, and the meat should be eaten by Fan Ji. The cool skin is basically the same. In addition, the west side of the bell tower is in the alley. It is a 24-hour street in Xi’an Huimin snack street.

The most famous ones are Jia San Guan Tang buns and red sauerkraut pork fried rice, as well as Ma Yongxin’s Huang Gui persimmon cake and others. There are all kinds of ethnic snacks such as barbecue, and it’s been a long way to go.
With a delicate linen tablecloth, it is a beautiful experience.
Welcome to Xi'an to taste the food.

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