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burlap table runner china

If you want to find professional burlap table runner china,you can pay more attention to Shijiazhuang Kingsun Textile Imp.& Exp. Co.,Ltd.With a wealth of experience, our company's products are trustworthy.

burlap table runner china

Table cloth types:

1, according to the production process can be divided into two categories of plastic and textile.
Plastic categories: PVC tablecloths, EVA tablecloths, PEVA tablecloths, hot flower tablecloths, cotton substrate PVC tablecloths, PP tablecloths, and so on.
Textile categories: polyester and cotton knitted lap tablecloths, cotton mercerized net deduction tablecloths, polyester chiffon knitting jacquard tablecloths, cotton mercerized jacquard tablecloths, polyester-cotton plain weaving printing tablecloths, linen knitted lace tablecloths and so on.
2, according to the use of the range can be divided into: table round tooth tablecloths, table square flat tablecloths, coffee table round set of tablecloths, bedroom bedside table lace tablecloths, bedroom coffee table rectangular spike tablecloths, bedroom bedside table lace tablecloths and so on.

3, according to its use can be divided into practical and decorative two categories. Practical tablecloths, also known as disposable tablecloths, the main material to plastic. And the practicality of the cloth to more PVC-based texture, which cotton substrate PVC tablecloth quality of the most secure.

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