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cheap table covers for sale

Shijiazhuang Kingsun Textile Imp.& Exp. Co.,Ltd. has cheap table covers for sale.Our company has been in Home textile line for many years.We have many years of production experience, our products are worthy of your trust.

cheap table covers for sale

How to choose the tablecloth?

1, round table
Large table round table can be drained in the ground floor of the large tablecloth, the upper layer and then spread a small piece of cloth, in order to increase the gorgeous sense. The color of the tablecloth optional dark, more calm, and anti-fouling.
2, square table
Square table can be spread on the bottom of the square tablecloths, the top and then shop a small piece of square tablecloth or change the direction of the tablecloth, rectangular table down the centerline, so that the tablecloth has a triangular pattern. The best tablecloth tablecloth is more atmospheric patterns, not suitable for a single color, so looks natural, warm, not rigid.
3, rectangular dining table
Rectangular dining table can be laid on the bottom of the rectangular tablecloths, then use the two square tablecloths, staggered bedding covered in the desktop. Or to two square tablecloths to be laid out, the middle of the staggered place can be bow, scarf to be fixed, but also to achieve the above effect. Table flag is currently very popular table decoration, with plain tablecloth and the same color mat with.

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