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christmas table decorations supplier

Shijiazhuang Kingsun Textile Imp.& Exp. Co.,Ltd is a professional christmas table decorations supplier in china.With many years of production experience, our products are trustworthy!

christmas table decorations

Small size: Suitable for microwave ovens, refrigerators, bedside tables, TV drapes, armrests and backrests
Large size: Suitable for tables, desks, computer tables conference tables and sofa cover cloth
Style: Christmas themed design, fresh IKEA tablecloth, cotton and linen, all seasons can be used.
Washing and maintenance: Can be washed with various kinds of soap and detergent. Available cold water, warm water, but not too long foam easily fade. Hemp fiber hard, poor cohesion, light rub when cleaning, should not wash the board strong rub, avoid using a hard brush brush. Do not force to avoid raising hair.

If you are interested in christmas decoration, please contact us. We have been looking forward to working with you!

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