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napkin printing wholesale price

Do you want to know napkin printing wholesale price? Shijiazhuang Kingsun Textile Imp.& Exp. Co.,Ltd. can tell you some information.Our company has many years of production experience in this field.

napkin printing wholesale

Do you know the usage of the napkin?

1, can not eat without a napkin napkin. Many Chinese people did not touch the napkin during the entire meal, and they did it nicely on the tablecloth. That's not the case. The first thing to eat Western food is to pick up the napkin, open. It should be noted that it should not be folded but flattened, tiled on his knees, the napkin can be folded too much.

2, do not wipe the face with a napkin, it is only used to wipe his mouth and hands.

3, the most important thing to remember, in addition to the moment you get up and leave the table, the napkin is always in the legs. If for some reason you want to leave the table during the meal, fold the napkin a little over your seat or next to the plate.

4, dining in the best Western restaurant, if you want to stand up and leave the table, the waiter will be folded napkin for you on the table.

5, after the meal is completed, do not throw the used napkin on the table, this is very indecent. When everyone is away, you can fold the napkin on the table, albeit neatly.

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