2021 global event list

January: Biden sworn as the US president has become the longest-aged president in the United States.

On January 20th, the United States was elected president, and the Democrats woven in the capital Washington, and the President of the US 46th was assessed.
Bentoun later, I got about 20 minutes of inauguration speech, saying that the United States is currently facing a series of crisis and challenges such as new crown epidemics, social inequality, systematic racism, climate change.

In February: The Burmese military seizures president, the state is responsible, the state is responsible, and the emergency is implemented.
On February 1st, President Myanmar Seminar, State Administrative Government Anglian Season and Some of China Senior Officials were detained by military. The military TV station announced that the one-year “emergency state” was implemented, and the state power was transferred to the General Command of the National Defense Army. Since then, the Burmese military has also arrested nearly 10,000 opponents.

March: Giant freighter “long gift” randing the global shipping crisis in the Suez Canal
On March 23, the “long given” of Taiwan’s longruite group was stranded in the Suez Canal. The captain was 400 meters, a width of approximately 60 meters, and the drainage volume reached 220,000 tons, almost completely on the canal. Stop, causing one of the most important channels between Eurasia to be cut off.
On March 29th, “long grouk” finally was stranded after a week, and left the stranded position. Within 6 days of strand, the various types of goods that are blocked on the Suez canal have exceeded more than 400 ships, and the loss of up to 400 million US dollars per hour.

April: Japan decided to discharge Fukushima nuclear sewage into the sea and have been strongly opposed
On April 13th, the Japanese government held a cabinet meeting, officially decided to discharge nuclear wastewater stored in the Fukushima first nuclear power plant in Tokyo into the sea.
Affected by the big earthquake and tsunami in 2011, Fukushima First Nuclear Power Plant 1 to 3 Units Follow. After the accident, Tokyo Electric Power continued to water in the elimination of 1 to 3 units to cool the core and recovered sewage. As of March 2021, 1.25 million tons of nucleation was stored, and 140 tons were added daily. Based on the current speed, until 2022, Nuclear Power Plant will rearrange the storage tank.

May: A conflict between Israel and Gaza Square armed organization caused thousands of people
On May 10, the conflict between Israel’s armed molecules with Palestine Gaza Strip. Hamas militants launched about thousands of rockets from the Territory of the Gaza. On May 14, Israeli Air Force and the ground forces began to attack the Palestinian Gaza Strip. Until May 21, both sides officially ceased.

June: British warships, Russia, Russia, were driven by Russian fighters and warships
On June 23, the UK Royal Navy “Guardian” destroy defenders broke into the Russian waters in the Black Sea, and then they were deported by the Russian military.
On the 23rd, the British “Guardian” destroyer suddenly broke into the northwest of Hehai and launched military actions. Russia responded to this provocative movement in the UK, and sent the ship to intercept, and shot a police officer. However, the British destroyer is not moving. Immediately, a Russian Su-24M attack machine rushed to the incident, throwing a bomb on the air of the British ship. This warning bombing forced British destroyers had to turn out.

July: Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China held a grand meeting in Tiananmen Square
On July 1, 2021, celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing Tiananmen Square. The people represent more than 70,000 people celebrate the Chinese New Year’s Day.

August: The Taliban basically controls the full evacuation from the United States from Afghanistan.
At 23:59 on August 30, a US military C-17 transportation machine contained the last batch of American soldiers rushing from the runway of Kabul International Airport, disappearing in the night. The United States has the most long, up to 20 years of Afghanistan, with the US military to evacuate the end.
In October 2001, the United States launched Afghan war with “counter-terrorism”. In the past 20 years, 2461 US military died in the war in Afghanistan, more than 20,000 US military injured, costing $ 100 billion.

September: US-British Australia sets Okus Union Australia to tear down from French submarine contracts.
On September 15th, the British Prime Minister Johnson, US President Biden and the Australian Prime Minister Morrison issued a joint statement, and the Three Kingdoms will establish an Okus Union. Under this league framework, US Britain will support the Australian Navy to establish nuclear submarine forces, and Australia will cooperate with Macao to build nuclear submarines.

October: The US nuclear submarine “Connecticut” is injured in the South China Sea and the Haili Mountain.
In October 2021, the US Navy “Sea Wolf” nuclear submarine “Connecticut” hit an unknown Haishan in the South China Sea, resulting in 11 sailors on the boat, and causes the nuclear submarine to strand underwater. After that, the nuclear submarine was forced to float, sail down the warship guard, and went to the Washington State Brammower Navy base for maintenance.

November: The Lithuanian approval station established a so-called “Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania”.
On November 18th, Lithuania did not care about China and repeatedly negotiated and repeated negotiations, allowing the Taiwan authorities to establish a “Taiwan Representative Office in Lithuania”.

Since then, the China Foreign Ministry has published a statement that Lithuania is open to the international manufacture of “one middle one” in the world, and abandoning the political commitment to the establishment of diplomatic diplomas in the two countries, harming China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, rude interference China. The Chinese side expressed strong dissatisfaction and strict protest for this, and decided to reduce the diplomatic relationship between neutrality into agent.

December: Russia and Ukraine deployed heavy soldiers NATO strong intervention in border areas of the two countries.
At the end of 2021, since Ukraine joined NATO and allow NATO countries to deploy military and weapons in Ukraine, Russia made a strong response, and sent a army to the Ukrainian border. According to the US estimates, Russia deployed 100 camp in the Ukrainian border, estimated to have 175,000 people, and armored vehicles, artillery and other equipment. Ukraine also has a heavy trip to the border area.

The hard 2021 is going to have passed, I hope the market can turn better, we can have a new beginning.

Post time: Dec-31-2021