Are consumers getting smarter? ! Nearly 70 percent of consumers think retailers will raise prices before Black Friday.

With less than a month to go before Black Friday, a survey of 2,000 consumers by consumer data researcher Idealo found that 69.8 per cent believed that retailers had raised prices ahead of Black Friday.

With energy prices and other living costs continuing to rise, many sellers are having to raise the price of their products and services, which is why it will cost them more to match their offers in other years. This situation will have an impact on final consumption because, as this survey shows, 90 per cent of purchases made during this period are self-initiated by consumers, that is, it depends on the attractiveness of the discounts.

Similarly, the survey highlights that 38.2% of consumers believe they will be returning goods after Black Friday. For this reason, both online and physical stores have to offer very attractive sales strategies to consumers so that consumers do not return the products after a few weeks. At this level, it is a very important opportunity for the retail industry to set sales records, as 43 percent of Spanish consumers will buy Christmas gifts on Black Friday.

The most popular products on Black Friday are technology and electronics. According to Idealo’s survey, 55.4 percent of consumers plan to buy some electronic devices during Black Friday. In addition to electronic devices, 51.2 percent of consumers said they would choose clothing or accessories, while 35 percent said they would choose toys and video games.

Post time: Nov-04-2022