Christmas menu-1

Diced chicken with green pepper
Diced chicken with green pepper

1)300 grams of chicken breast, cold water is cleaned, cut into squares of 2 cm.

2)Chopped chicken is placed in, 10 grams of salt, 30 hl white wine, 10 HL soy sauce, 15 grams of starch. 20HL olive oil, stir well, stand for 20 minutes.

3)20 grams of dry peppers – cut into a small section of 1 cm, 50 grams of green pepper – cut into a small section of 1 cm, 20 grams of ginger. Calculate 100 grams.

4)Open the fire, put the 40HL peanut oil in the pot, the oil temperature rises to 100 degrees, put the fire, put the marinated chicken in the pot, gently stir, the meat is blended into yellow, and the fire is removed.

5)Open fire, the oil temperature is about 40 degrees, the dried chile segment, green pepper segment, ginger, put into the pot, 30 seconds, put super good chicken pieces into the pot to continue to speculate in 2 minutes, turn off the fire, disc .

Post time: Dec-20-2021