Cost soaring can’t hold! Two-thirds of German wholesale retailers planned!

According to the latest survey, nearly two-thirds of German wholesale and retailers are planning to increase prices. In particular, nearly 86% of food retailers will increase prices in the industry, this proportion of the construction industry is approximately 43% in the construction industry. Only in the service industry, it is not possible to improve the price. The price increase is that the procurement and transportation cost of energy and primary products increases. The cost of importing energy has risen by nearly 144%, and natural gas prices are four times in January 2021, oil (66.8%) and minerals (73.2%). The price has also emerged sharply. Due to Ukraine war, the cost of oil and natural gas is expected to rise. Retail wholesalers have to pass increased energy costs and procurement costs of primary products to consumers, and German consumers will have to pay more costs.

Post time: Mar-01-2022