European multi-country prevention policy tightened, the Christmas tourism market encounters “cold winter”

According to the US Television News Network (CNN), the Austrian Government recently announced that it re-”blockade” from November 22nd to curb new crown epidemic, and planned to implement mandatory vaccination in the country in February 2022. Austria has become the first European country that reresses the national blockade this year.
The adjacent Germany also announced the cancellation of famous Munich Christmas, Ireland, Hungary and other countries have also tightened epidemic prevention measures. The European epidemic rebounded again, making the upcoming Christmas tourism market a shadow.
Austrian tourism will be fully suspended.
It is understood that this is the fourth national blockade that Austria implemented during the epidemic.
Although the vaccination has been popular nationwide, the Austrian government said that as “blockade” a few “blockade”, all restaurants, cafes, bars, theaters, non-essential retail stores, barber shops must be suspended; people can work or work or Buy daily necessities, but social and family gatherings are restricted; the authorities suggest that the people are far away from office and ask parents as much as possible to stay at home, but the school will continue to open.
“Taking into account the seriousness of the epidemic, this is the response measure we have to do.” Wolfgang Mustein, Wolfgang Mustein, is said to the local TV interview last Saturday night.
Although it is now a peak season, starting from Monday, Austria’s ski resorts, resort no longer receive new tourists. The Austrian official travel website said that after the country enters “blockade”, it means that the tourism will be suspended, but it is also looking forward to the end of the blocked, Christmas and the ski activity during Christmas and the New Year can be performed as usual.
It is understood that the blockade will last until December 12. The last 10 days before the end (ie, December 2) will also reassess it to determine the subsequent openness.
On November 15, 2021, Sibrook, Austria, is about to usher in Christmas holiday season. German Duzhou cancels Christmas Austria announced that “blockade”, “neighbor” Germany has further tightened new crown epidemic prevention policies. Last Friday, Bavaria and Saxony, Bavison, Germany canceled all Christmas market activities.
“The situation is very serious and difficult.” Bavarian Governor Markus Soeder said. He also announced the closing club, bar and restaurant evening service.
Saxony announced similar policies and adopted further measures to close all sports and cultural venues, prohibiting tourism activities, gathering alcohol, and prohibiting unwanted vaccines from visiting stores and hairdresses.
The Christmas market is one of the most important activities in Germany. Germany holds approximately 2,500 Christmas markets each year, and they come to taste hot wine, roast chestnuts, and tourists who buy a dazzling full-eyed jewelry in the small wooden house.
However, this year, the famous Christmas market in Bavaria Munich was canceled in the second consecutive year. The Dresden Christmas market in Saxony is finally canceled, it is one of the oldest Christmas sets in Germany. The capital Berlin also prohibits unprotected vaccines into entertainment venues, restaurants and bars.
Dresden’s Christmas Market is the oldest Christmas market in Germany, attracts about 3 million visitors every year. “For us, this is a disaster. “We have entered the goods, but there is no income for two consecutive years.” According to the data of the BSM Stall main industry association, the Christmas market attracted about 160 million domestic and foreign tourists in Germany before the new crown virus, brought 30 to 50 Hundred million euros’ income.
In this new crown epidemic, Bavaria and Saxony are the two most severe affected parts of Germany. The vaccination rate in Saxony is currently the lowest in Germany, only 60% of the population.

Post time: Nov-25-2021