G7 members raised $ 600 billion in 5 years! Standard the China Belt and Road policy! Intersection

According to reports, the Seventh Kingdom Group (G7) summit was held on June 26 at the Bavarian Alps in Germany. On the first day of the summit, leaders of various countries announced that it had restarted a plan announced in the G7 talks held last year in the UK. That is, the “Global Infrastructure and Investment Partnership” project promises to raise $ 600 billion in public and private funds within five years, provide funds for infrastructure required for developing countries, and target China’s “Belt and Road” policy.

The plan calls on the leaders of the Seven Kingdoms Group to raise $ 600 billion in five years in order to fund infrastructure projects in low -income countries. The United States promised to raise US $ 200 billion of the total amount of funds, federal funds and private investment, and the EU has announced another 300 billion euros. Ursula von der Leyen, chairman of the European Commission, said that the purpose of the latest project is to show the world a positive and powerful investment motivation and show developing countries to their choices.

Post time: Jun-28-2022