Global textile industry work together to welcome recovery

Although the impact of the epidemic is still continuous, whether it is a textile manufacturing enterprise or textile machinery enterprise, it has experienced the pulsation of the industry recovery. At the International Textile Manufacturer Federation (Textiles) Textile Machinery Conference, on the line, in the form of online, many participating companies representatives, in the face of high prices, the end consumption is weak, the logistics is not smooth, etc. Challenge, they still have an optimistic attitude towards the future development of the industry.
According to the “Results of the 11th New Crown Epidemarks” issued by the meeting, although the recovery did not completely reached the expectations, the overall situation of the global textile industry has improved. And the textile machinery is expected to be prudential to future development, and the order in 2022 will achieve overall growth.
Continuous recovery。
As the EU’s second largest textile supply country, Turkey’s recent currency depreciation further promotes product exports, and it has increased by 30% for its exports to Spain. Turkish company Dickatas textile person in charge Mustafa Dedgnore, order growth has driven Turkish companies to invest in textile machinery, this trend will be more obvious in the future.
Since this year, the Moroccan Textile Industry has also accelerated recovery. Fatima Sagrai Alawi from the Moroccan Textile and Apparel Association, said with the advantages of renewable energy development advantages such as political bureaus, wind energy, etc. with Europe and the United States and Africa, and actively participated in the self-trade agreement, Morocco The competitiveness of the textile industry chain will continue to improve, and it is capable of meeting the needs of more customers around the world.
Beddi, the person in charge of the Investment in Africa, introduced the gradual control of the epidemic, and the order of the east-African textile industry has been placed in October next year. He believes that the “African World Free Trade Agreement” will benefit the development of the east. At the same time, given the risk of supply chain brought about by the epidemic, the East Non Textile Industry is looking forward to the new textile industry park, and the supply chain stability is ensured by local fabric.
China’s textile machinery industry chain is complete, variety, and wide school. In 2020, China’s large-scale spinning machinery has reached $ 4.5 billion. Gu Ping, president of the China Textile Machinery Association, currently, China’s textile industry chain production is stable, in the process of high quality development, the equipment continuous, automation, and green is higher, China Textile Machinery Industry will be in energy conservation and emission reduction Open up new development paths, strengthen communication with domestic and foreign textile machine companies, and create a future.
In addition, many participants pointed out that green transformation also brought new opportunities for the industry.
At present, the world’s economic recovery is difficult to go, and the growth lacks long-term motivation; the open consensus has weakened, trade regionalization has become new characteristics; digital economic depth penetration, profoundly change the global industrial pattern; green transformation is fully accelerated, reshape industrial competitive advantage and rules. Chairman of International Textiles, Sun Ruizhe, President of China Textile Industry Association, pointed out that height globalization of textile and apparel industries and the difficult zones of the world economic recovery. Responding to challenges, international spinning, focus on development, focus development, maintain safety and stable global textile supply chain; adhere to the Puyan tolerant, green continued, continuously improve the effectiveness, fairness, balance, coordination of the industry; adhere to innovation , Open a win-win, build a high-quality development of industrial ecosystem.
In China, facing the current highly complexity and uncertain development environment, the textile and apparel industry actively explores the practice, promoting the openness of the widely and deep global cooperation, continuously optimizing the domestic and international production capacity layout, integrating high-quality resources, promoting global textile Industrial chain value chain upgrade; advancement of data-driven flexible manufacturing, relying on new generation information technology to promote the digital transformation of supply chains, create a flexible manufacturing system for supply and demand accurate match, resource efficient link, and elements interconnected; Economic and advancement of ecologicalization, industrial Internet, etc. Manufacturing industrial system and governance system for recycled green low-carbon cycles; innovation in the innovation of mechanisms and innovation, and continuously improve the intellectual property protection measures to promote industry innovation.
From January to September 2021, China’s textile machinery import and export was $ 6.155 billion, an increase of 14.25% year-on-year. Among them, the textile machinery imports of US $ 2647 million, a year-on-year increase of 29.15%; exports of $ 3508 million, a year-on-year increase of 5.25%. “China actively integrates the world, serving the world, transforming world opportunities to China achievements, transforming China’s achievements in order to world opportunities.” Sun Ruizhe said that open has become a clear mark of contemporary China, surrounding new development patches, new openings The development space is open, which is the common opportunity of the world. He called on the global textile industry to strengthen cooperation and create a better tomorrow.

Post time: Nov-29-2021