O’Keri strains or European “mainstream” strains.

O’Kek’s poison strains continue to spread in Europe. At present, the United Kingdom and Nordic countries have the greatest impact by O’Kek’s poisonous strains. As of 14 days, O’Kek’s poisonous strain accounts for nearly 20% of the number of new diagnosed cases in England, accounting for about 44% of London, Denmark and Norwegian Cumulative Audiki’s number of cases of Austrian poisonous strains in 3,000 1000 cases.
Tan Dersse, Director of the World Health Organization, said that the speed of the Austrian poison strain is from never seen, and the number of cases may still be overwhelmed by insufficient health systems.
Fiona Cincotta, Sena Cincotta, said in an interview with First Financial reporters, said that Okoche is ravaged in Europe, regardless of the Bank of Bank or the European Bank, you need enough time to test the poison. The propagation speed of strains, the impact of the economy, is expected to not quickly take interest rates quickly
According to data from the Ministry of Health, Denmark and Norwegian, in these countries, the current propagation speed of O’Kek’s poison has exceeded the spread of Delta variant strains this summer.
The data of the British Ministry of Health shows that in London, the number of cases infected with O’Kek’s poison in the past week has increased more than double, and the number of patients infected with the strain is increased by 10% higher than the previous day. In the eastern part of England, the number of cases infected with O’Kek’s poison increased by 8% compared to the previous day, which is equivalent to every 9 days.
In addition, another feature of the O’Kwell Virus strain in Europe is that young people infect the number of strains continue to rise. In the past week, in London, a young population of 20 to 34 years agreated approximately 15% daily, doubled than the last five days. Of course, the total number of cases in London in the past week has also doubled, and it is climbing the fastest speed, approximately 10% per day, which is equivalent to double every six days.
The latest model released by the London Health and Tropical Medical College is expected that in January, the number of new hospitalized cases in England will reach the peak of about 2,000.
How to affect economic recovery?
In order to prevent the Austrian poison strains, European multi-country has encoded prevention and control measures and accelerates vaccination programs.
Recently, Danish government closed primary and secondary schools and encouraged home office. The Norwegian government requires people with remote office conditions. The Irish government has closed the nightclub and sets the number of people on the bar, restaurant and indoor activities. The Hungarian Parliament approved will extend the national emergency state of the epidemic to June 1, 2022.
The British government said it will inhibit the proliferation of O’Coli strains by strengthening new crown vaccination rates, and the third needle for adults in England areas before the plan. The Danish government decided to vaccinate new crown vaccines in the age of 40 and above.
Sinkta said that Okek’s poison strain ravaged in Europe, the primary impact will be the currency and fiscal policy in the region. “The latest data from the British Statistics Bureau shows that the country’s labor market is still strong. The number of employed people has increased by 275,000, and the unemployment rate is reduced to 4.2%. The number of people who apply for unemployment benefits have also reduced nearly 50,000. This means The forced holiday plan has almost no impact on the labor market. However, because the Bank of the Bank needs to observe the development trend of O’Kek’s poisonous strains, and the economic impact status, the Bank of Bank will postpone the first rate hike to postpone the first rate to February next year. In addition, the European Central Bank is also likely to observe the impact of O’Kek’s poisonous strains on the euro zone economy.
Oxford Economics Research Institute believes in the report to the First Financial reporter that the Christmas holiday in Europe is coming, and the current European multinational epidemic prevention measures will affect the service industry in the area. It is expected that the economic growth rate in the fourth quarter of the Eurozone and the first quarter of 2022 is only 0.4%.
The data of the European Aviation Industry Organization shows that after European plus epidemic prevention measures, the current ticket sales only accounts for 30% of the upcoming holiday capacity. It is expected that the industry will lose another year’s Christmas season, the organization is asking the government to provide a certain The degree assistance.
However, the Oxford Economics Research Institute believes that due to air, leisure, catering and other industries have last winter epidemic prevention experience, no matter how companies, consumers will have time to adapt to the current epidemic prevention policy, it is expected to fight the European economy. Will not be as serious as last year.

Post time: Dec-16-2021