Puhui origin certificate

The General Administration of Customs recently released the announcement of the original production site for the issuance of the EU member state, the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine and Liechtenstein and other countries. ” According to the “Regulations on the Original Profitter of the People’s Republic of China” The goods of the tax payment of the tax will no longer issue a Certificate of origin. If the goods delivered to the above-mentioned countries need the original origin to prove document, you can apply for a certificate of non-preferential origin.
In recent years, with the steady development of my country’s economy and significantly improvement in international trade, more and more countries have announced the “graduation” of China’s Puli system and cancel the benefit system. my country’s export goods are no longer able to enjoy tariff benefits with a Purchase origin certificate. Therefore, my country has gradually stopped issuing a Puhui origin certificate on the relevant countries:
From July 1, 2014, it is no longer to issue a Puhui’s original origin certificate to the Swiss cargo; From April 1, 2019, it is no longer to issue a Pu Huiyuan Original Certificate on the Japanese goods; From October 12, 2002, a Puli-based origin certificate is issued for goods that report to Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus (Eurasian Economic Alliance Member States); From December 1, 2021, a Pleasant Original Certificate was issued to the EU member state, the United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine and the British Dunxun.
The General Administration of Customs suggests that for exports to EU member states, EU Asian Economic Alliance Member States, Britain, Canada, Turkey, Ukraine, List of Decorands, Japan’s goods no longer issues a Puhui origin certificate, related goods can be Leading non-preferential origin certificate.
Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia and other original Pudui have signed bilateral free trade agreements with my country, and the goods in the above-mentioned countries can apply for the self-trade agreement for the origin certificate;
During Norway, Australia and New Zealand goods will continue to apply for a Certificate of origin.

Post time: Nov-11-2021