Shopify won the cooperation of a social media again! Twitter Shopping is fresh and released!

According to reports, SHOPIFY has recently announced good news in its Shopify Editions event, including a cooperation agreement with Twitter. All SHOPIFY merchants can use Twitter Shops and Shop SpotLight functions for free. Users can synchronize their product directory directly with Twitter to save manual input time and energy.

Twitter Shopping will be divided into two modules: Shop Spotlight and Twitter Shop. With Spotlight, merchants will be able to directly display up to five products in scrolls through their personal data. Twitter Shop will become a new label in the brand profile, which can display up to 50 products; things similar to other social networks such as Instagram.

On Twitter, there were more than 40 billion exposures related to shopping last year. Twitter expressed his hope to introduce more e -commerce brands into its social media platform.

Post time: Jun-27-2022