The Chinese are no longer the main force of European real estate consumption!

According to reports, in the Catalonia region in Spain, foreigners purchased 9847 houses in the area in 2021. This number increased by 24.7%over the previous year, and this year’s purchase speed is even faster, but the buyer has changed changes. Unlike: At present, buyers of the Netherlands, Germany, Romanians, and Morocco have surged, and the number of Chinese and Russian buyers who have been attractive has decreased sharply, and even many real estates specially served by China and Russia have closed down.

According to analysis, Russians have reduced their purchases with the rapid depreciation of rubles and their political tensions with the European Union. As far as the Chinese are concerned, the epidemic is no longer the main force of the market. Last year they only purchased 418 houses in the Catalonia region.

Foreigners purchased 11.05% of real estate in Catalonia last year. This data is 10.8% throughout Spain, and 74% of foreign buyers are citizens living in the community.

Post time: Jun-23-2022