The people of NATO member states come out to protest NATO! What are the fierce materials behind this summit?

According to reports, on the eve of the North Atlantic Convention Organization (NATO) summit, this summit held a demonstration of thousands of people in Madrid: left -wing groups from different organizations. NATO. Under the slogan “Opposition to War and against NATO for peace”, the parade passed through the Attic Railway Station and Spain Square.

For citizens and anti -militaryist people, people are worried that the convening of the NATO summit will lead to the upgrading of the war and further bring economic, social and environmental setbacks. The people participating in the protest expressed their hope of expressing strong opposition and clearly that the Spanish people did not want to belong to NATO because it means external military intervention. The increase in military expenditure will squeeze medical resources, housing and other social expenses. It is understood that the protest group plans to hold a protest parade again on the day of the NATO Summit on Wednesday, June 28, but the application has not been approved.

In addition to the attendance of the Great Western League Parliament, the government leader and Ukraine delegation of Sweden and Finland are expected to attend. The NATO organization also invited leaders from Japan, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand to participate in the summit to show their attention to the Asia -Pacific region. In addition to discussing issues related to the Ukrainian war, this summit will also focus on China.

Post time: Jun-29-2022