The Spanish government is surprising to save energy: call for a week to work at home!

According to reports, the Spanish government agreed to government officials for three days a week on Tuesday as a energy -saving model for public administration. It was announced later. The plan focuses on providing remote office options for government officials, supplemented with measures to reasonably use buildings and encourage public transportation as a measure of work transportation. In addition, private entities are encouraged to join this measure to save electricity costs in the short term.

The Western government has confirmed that all civil servants who can execute their functions will carry out remote office within three days of working per week. This measure is supported by the public service union. According to a report released by the National Technology and Social Observation Station (Ontsi) on Tuesday, 83.7% of Spain’s employment population hopes to work remotely. The number is the third highest percentage of the European Union, second only to Finland and Sweden.

Post time: May-26-2022