The Spanish logistics storage industry is ready to fight! The order is expected to rise by 30%!

According to reports, INDITEX, Mango, Tendam, and H & M have begun to discount the promotion season. The Logistics department in Spain estimates that orders will increase by an average of 20% to 30%. The logistics industry is preparing for the upcoming order peak.

LogisFashion, which specializes in logistics in the field of fashion, predicts that the number of orders will increase by 24%over last summer. The company is expected to increase by 22% to 5.3 million pieces, including 1.5 million online orders. In order to cope with the peak of demand, Logisfashion hired 1500 employees to work in the company’s four special online order management. At the same time, logistics operators Discenter expects the increase in summer orders up to 30%. Major logistics companies have expanded 5%-15%of employees and expanded warehousing space to cope with peaks.

Post time: Jun-27-2022