European multi-country epidemic situation is grim

European multinational new crown epidemic situation has been intensified, and the newly increasing diagnosis case in France and Italy has a new high, and Poland has more than 18,000 patients in Poland. In order to curb the spread of virus, the German parliament or voting in the country in March.

France’s 11th report, new diagnosis cases more than 368,000 cases, refreshing the highest record of daily increased diagnosis. In the past seven days, the number of new diagnosed cases per 100,000 people in France has been 2790.

In order to curb the epidemic, the French government plans to launch the “Vaccine Pass” before mid-January, requiring people to vaccinate the new crown vaccination before they can take the intercity train, enter the restaurant, and participate in indoor activities.

Italy reported a number of new confirmed cases in the 11th of Italy, and more than 220,000 cases were more than 220,000. It has diagnosed about 7.77 million cases; the increase of 294 cases of death, with more than 139,000 cases of death.

According to data, it is an increase in new crown patients in Italy to 18,744 new crown patients, of which 1677 are accepted.

In response to the epidemic, the German government accelerates the vaccination as the first emphasis.

The German Social Democratic Party conducted Rover, the party group of the Federal House, said on the 11th, the Socialist Party hopes that the German Parliament will hold a vote in March.

Post time: Jan-13-2022