good news! Amazon European station sellers will usher in a more fair competitive environment!

According to reports, on Tuesday, the European Parliament passed the final text of the Digital Market Law, which will ban the science and technology group from the expense of competitors to rank their products and services at the cost of sacrificing competitors. In addition, regulators and Amazon have reached a number of agreements: Amazon will share more data with competitors in the future and provide buyers with wider product options. Amazon will allow third -party sellers in their market to access more information to help them sell more products online.

Three years ago, EU antitrust officials conducted investigations on Amazon’s suspected anti -competition in dealing with competitors’ data. Investigators suspected that Amazon had the dual role of market and retailers on their own platform, violating EU laws, and using market sensitive information to support their retail business and harmed the interests of competitors. Amazon is currently facing the formal allegations of EU law and a huge fine of 10% of its income.

Post time: Jul-08-2022