The pattern has opened, and Amazon has allowed independent station drainage!

In April this year, Amazon launched the Buy with Prime service. Amazon members can use their Amazon account to shop and check out directly on independent stations, and at the same time, they can also use Amazon’s logistics services. This is considered the first step in the industry as Amazon’s independent station interface.

Recently, Amazon has also reported the latest action, officially opening platform promotion services for independent stations. Independent stations can promote site traffic by buying advertisements on the Amazon platform. This is another progress of Amazon’s interface to open the independent station interface. On the one hand, the brand self -built station can finally use Amazon to drain itself (the ultimate goal of Amazon seller is to drain to its own brand website to grow) Amazon can also get more advertising costs; on the other hand For more resources, Amazon can further expand its own logistics system, and can also solve the problem of excess logistics storage in Amazon.

This new action also reflects the major transformation of Amazon’s advertising business ideas. Previously, because the seller was worried that the sellers would lead the traffic to their private domain, private advertising behavior was strictly prohibited. This time the change of ideas, the pattern is opened, and then Amazon’s huge traffic is continuously cited to various brands. Amazon’s ambitions are not only there. His ultimate goal is to make himself an open source flow pool like Google.

Of course, there are still some problems. The main thing is that the operation is too cumbersome. Consumers need to click brand promotion advertisement, find products on the store page, visit the brand website, and finally click on the brand website to use Amazon Prime to buy. This lengthy process may cause consumers to give up buying and still have room for optimization.

Post time: Sep-19-2022