The policy finally let go! Belgian e -commerce has lost 1 billion euros due to this limit!

According to reports, after months of negotiations, the Belgian government will no longer prohibit e -commerce companies from working between 20:00 and midnight. Earlier, the Belgian government stipulated that no company could work at night. According to the research of the employer’s Organization of the Belgian Enterprise Federation, due to strict regulations, Belgium loses 1 billion euros and 6,000 jobs each year. Online retailers have not enough opportunities to grow into large e -commerce companies. E -commerce companies can compete with giants such as and Amazon. According to the Comeos of the Federation of Trade and Service, in recent years, 20,000 jobs have been created at the distribution center outside Belgium. One -third of the local e -commerce orders from Belgium came from overseas.

In February, the Belgian government announced that it is considering the labor market reform measures. Reform will allow e -commerce companies to work between 20:00 to midnight in the next year and a half. This measure will make the Belgian e -commerce industry. Opportunities to catch up with other countries that have been allowed to work at night. After that, the government and trade unions will re -evaluate the rules and adjust their wages and employment bars accordingly.

Post time: Jun-22-2022